(glimpses) – lost and found

a still life tea party of vintage blue, shadow and light

forgotten modern mechanical devices …. rediscovered

… the well worn story will still tells stories when found …

and an unwanted things can still bring simple delights….


8 thoughts on “(glimpses) – lost and found

  1. Marie…thank you, I love the moments the sunlight comes looking through our windows and changes the corners of our home before moving along its way…Karen, I am so glad you found my site … I truly appreciate your stopping by … thank you so much! ~Pamela


  2. I love the light on these photos. I miss the sound of an old typewriter.I'm curious… where did you get your blog title from? I feel like “wither will I wonder” is part of a song lyric, I just can't get to the whole song.


  3. Thank you all for visiting and sharing your comments! Amanda … The name of my blog comes from a old nursery rhyme:”Goosey goosey gander, Whither shall I wander? Upstairs and downstairs, And in my lady's chamber.”renee … we love “Snow White and Rose Red” too … what a lovely story! We are so lucky to have found some beautiful gems of stories … hope to share a few soon.


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