(at play) – stone flowers and great dinosaurs

I can not say how long visiting the “dinosaur museum” has been on my child’s list … Our days speed faster than we know as we all grow older with our children….

I love how summer’s travels can lead us to unexpected places ….roads that lead us back to old friends  …  friends from other times when we were just young ourselves …

…. to stones that bloom eternally


…. and fragments that tell the story of what the hands of living and ancient people once did

 … life frozen still behind glass

and great dinosaurs in many shapes and sizes…

A young child turns her attention to the details of knowing , she takes notes and pictures … and dreams her dreams of ancient worlds…

Hope your summer travels have taken you to places still unknown, old and new …

5 thoughts on “(at play) – stone flowers and great dinosaurs

  1. great pictures! i love those blooming stones. ;)our travels this weekend gave sienna the opportunity to try out some woodworking. i thought of you as i know that watching some of the process videos that you have posted has piqued her interest. i posted about our day on my blog. xoxo


  2. Momma Rae … oh thank you … I guess I had never seen crystal's growth in the same light before … traveling brings us to new places in many ways…. … What fun …I can't wait to visit your blog to take a peek at your field trip. love, Pamela


  3. Cool! I love the Natural History Museum. I found your work because we are in the same team, folk reveries, and I was perusing for some cool listings that I could post on twitter as a favor to Andrea!


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