(glimpses)- Through Our Senses

I stop to think how I learn and know …. and remember how powerful are those moments filled by our senses…. memories of sound on silent roads when the sand and gravel spoke under our feet,

and sight,  when the sun’s light made shadows of many kinds …

and the winds brought earthy rain storms, salty seas and smoky campfires to smell ,

and the feel of ever-changing water, the casual touch of a friend’s hand and sandy-covered children

and the taste of what was fed by the earth, ripened by the  sun’s light,  and washed by fallen rain….

I think the memories brought by our senses  last longer than their moments ….

Last year before lunch,  my daughter and her classmates spoke this verse … it is everything that through the senses I have fallen in love with…. hope you enjoy this little verse as much as I do!

The silver rain, the shining sun,
the fields where scarlet poppies run,
and all the ripples of the wheat,
are in the bread that I do eat.
So when I sit for every meal,
with thankful heart I always feel,
that I am eating rain and sun,
and fields where scarlet poppies run. 

            by Alice C. Henderson (1881-1949)



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