(at the workbench) – the hungry squirrel

Mr Squirrel

Here we are just weeks into summer … and weather has turned from pleasant and radiant summer to a furious and bold summer in a week’s time.

In the meantime though,  the garden grows despite the bands of silent marauders … be they woodchucks, chipmunks, birds or squirrels ….

… they are all looking for a good meal as the abundant sun urges all green things on … even those tender young plants that were eaten to the ground by a hungry visitor…..

Counting with Beans - Lavender Bean Bags / Waldorf Education / Aromatherapy

I have been busy, adding quite a few new projects… among them a Mr and Mrs. Squirrel Couple and a “Dear Sir. May I Have An Acorn” polite squirrel.

Hope your are having a wonderful summer and your gardens are growing full of lovely treat for your family too!!


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