(glimpses) – how the children have grown

even the the babies of robins do not stay babies for long  …. oh how they do grow ….

 I have wondered how these tender little creatures and their mother would manage …  two weeks ago, we had seen a little curious chipmunk wander too close to the nest of gem-like eggs … he is  chased in rush of feathers by an angry mother as we sat chatting about days long gone … rude or unknowingly intruding … Mother Robin wants no visitors to her nest….

 and what of all those June showers … what to do about the babies … Mama must become their roof

but look  … in less than a week … the little ones have filled the nest full  … what now becomes of their little home … .when it became nearly comical and there is no room left to grow  … Four well fed chicks filling the nest to the brim

Ah … they must leave the nest and learn to fly …
my child runs near by … and sees a lesson in progress … but she too is unwelcome to their private class  … “they stand on each other’s shoulders” she says…. of course I did not know that till now …

The last young robin comes by our door and stands perched staring  … why  … is he curious about our home?

.. has he come to say goodbye to the young girl who put the nest right years ago when she was more than foot shorter than she stands now … well here is the end of our robin report  … at least for now … good  bye for now robin children …


4 thoughts on “(glimpses) – how the children have grown

  1. thank you everyone for sharing in robin's story … we have had quite a year learning about our neighbor creature's homes … woodchuck's home was found without falling into his open pit in the yard, the woodpecker we heard from our bedrooms was seen busy at work in his hollowed tree and of course mrs robin returned this year to my daughter's delight! ~pamela


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