(at play) – robin builds her nest

In a fairy house made with love by my child ….  from nest that had been blown down from its high perch overhead ….  those tall maple branches, that strong spring storm winds shook … had sent a little robin’s home down to the ground below.

… she placed eye high – to girl who then was surely a foot shorter then she stands now … with those caring hands placed the fallen nest in a small evergreen tree by our door …

that May –  three years ago now – Mrs. Robin returned … I’m sure ever so grateful that little hands had placed her home right again…. building homes and raising babies is not always easy … sometimes things do not all go just so … but that was years ago.

… this year a tall child (ever young) looked down on old, abandoned nest to see a mother robin  had laid  four lovely jewel-colored eggs by our door once more … what joy May brings with flowers and nests….


We have walked lightly and gone by other doors to make Mother Robin’s work lighter…. and June’s warming sunlight has helped her hatch lovely, silent, closed-eyed babes sleeping with open beaks in hope mama would return with something good to eat! …. While my dear child picks flowers for our nest…..


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