(process) – a lttle turning

How to go about making something?

Every project that comes to mind needs a path to see it through. Sometimes the process is intuitive, while other times the skill level and tools on hand determine the approach. Process can always be so interesting.

Here is a little video (all in German-but no worries,it speaks for itself). Watch until the end to make sure you see what the artisan is making – you might be surprised.

Do you have any unexpected processes in your work that you like to share, I would love to hear … please leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “(process) – a lttle turning

  1. What a cool video, I was amazed that they turned out to be horses. I sometimes have a photo I have taken from nature and just have it on the coffee table and just dwell on it for a while and an idea starts to form. cheers Marie


  2. It was like magic!! I had to make Wade watch it! I forget that he understands German and he was laughing through it!Beccijohttp://www.etsy.com/shop/theenchantedcupboard


  3. thank you everyone for visiting and commenting …. some years a go, when I was in a carving circle. I heard a comment that wooden toys could be turned on a wheel …I had no idea what that meant … and was thrilled to come across the video by chance … now did this process start from some happy accidental discovery or could some one see the whole process …. I wonder? ~Pamela


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