(at the workbench) – catching sun beams

it is finished ….

the puzzle that was part of its making

the tool and the toy hidden in a board of rough sawn wood

the hand tools that lay on the workbench to join its parts into one ….

… I could not help holding it up near a sunny window … to watch the wood’s secret glimmer move back and forth deep within its surface… telling its story of how it grew and caught the sun’s light in its very self …..
before it was a tool or toy … it was tree with its tall head high in the sky and its toes digging in deep in the earth …

4 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – catching sun beams

  1. I love all of your items in your Etsy shop. Our back porch looks much like these pictures with bits of wood here and there! I love how you talk with reverence about the wood before it becomes a toy.


  2. Jennifer, oh … thank you so very much! I have admired for a long time the beautiful work your family crafts … yes …that is how it is … around the workshop one sort of wood that grew and then another … all different stories and qualities to love … ~Pamela


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