at the worbench: At Play (Of Course!)

Even toys need to play …

There is so much to love about toymaking (and toys!)

I think toys -at the very heart- live quite a busy life even while they are at rest. So many stories have been written just about this – a toy’s hidden, private life- for a reason.

I am amazed how even when making the simplest toy, a little plaything can be so expressive and possess their own irrepressible, quirky nature.

 I’d like to introduce you to some of my newest friends: roaring picture book lions . Big-hearted, wooden lions with movable, little heads.

I could some how imagine these little lions stepping out of a child’s storybook just so they could be in the the palm of your hand to purr, tell their secrets (and roar!) to their hearts content.

Wishing you a bit of whimsy and childhood joy today! : )


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