around the table – Bread ( ! )

For some months I have been convincing myself that I was going to bake tasty home-baked bread (and save money )… week after week … time ran out in our days and we remained breadless…

Finally last week when day after day was a snow day … we found enough time to make bread … kind of … no-knead bread is new to me … I only just started hearing about it …. though it has been popular for some time with several new books being published this year alone about the methods.

When by chance I saw this short recipe in a baker’s catalog … a recipe taking no more space than a third of a page… I knew I would have time for baking bread. For really only fifteen or so minutes hands on work, we enjoyed four lovely baguettes (baked freshly almost every day for a whole week)!

 All the ingredients  …. (just flour, yeast, salt and water) are mixed together in a single container …. and that is the dough … a molten, globby dough that bubbles and rises over night by itself…. awaiting it’s time to turn into a golden loaf …

We had so much weather… that the baking days were extended to make this pretty loaf of challah (not a no-knead) … Baking bread is at least one way to be grateful for another snow day. Happy Baking !


4 thoughts on “around the table – Bread ( ! )

  1. I baked bread last night, too, and am munching on some right now. Your bread, with its large holes, looks soft and delicious. Yummy. Your photographs are great! love, Beth


  2. Oh thank you SO much for the links and photos of your yummy bread! Baking my own bread is something that I have aspirations about and now can actually attempt!Thanks for visiting blog, I am so happy to have found yours!


  3. Beth, oh thank you for stopping by … oh my goodness … fresh baked bread is such a treat!Marina, thank you for visiting me here! Your blog is gorgeous!These recipes for the no-knead are so unlike any other bread I have made …SO very low maintenance … but delicious … I still can't get over that about $2.00 worth of ingredients gave us 4 good-sized loafs..I can't wait to post again about bread (!) ~ Pamela 🙂


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