around the table: The Cookie That Got Away

I had a list of Christmas cookies I was hoping to make … but Christmas (and those twelve days of Christmas) were over before this ones had a chance.

When I lived in the “city” (nyc)- there were a lot of wonderful places to eat. While visiting an Italian bakery, I bought a couple of tasty pastries that caught my eye. One was a cookie covered with pignoli (or pine nuts.) Tasty.

They are called Pignoli Amaretti (Pine Nut Cookies) . Well ours are missing the pine nuts … but all the rest of the ingredients are the same as the recipe.  We did have a few moments to rescue but after all it was our first time making these … and made a lot of bowls dirty… but in the end …so very happy to have a tasty treat.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth … but there are times when a sweet comes in handy.


6 thoughts on “around the table: The Cookie That Got Away

  1. Oh Alessandra … thank you … I am realizing how funny it is to have recipe for pine nut cookies and to make them without pine nuts! But they are very tasty all the same!~Pamela


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