(at the workbench) – in the winter woodland

In the Northern Winter woods ..

There is … a bare world of twisty, tawny brown branches … trees that are thankfully ever green… a clear, crisp and cold blue sky…. and a glowing, radiant white land

… the world is so much quieter now… silently waiting from my workbench .. this silent Winter Taveler waits for his folk colors…  even when the earth’s palette is simple and pure …

Yesterday was the day … there was time to paint quietly his colors.

Sometimes I do not know for sure from what land or far away time these folk and vintage-inspired creatures come.

It is that way sometimes with a folk-loving heart. The colors, textures and patterns all mingle together all taken in by open eyes wandering this wide world.

You can visit with the Silent Traveler here at my Prettydreamer.


6 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – in the winter woodland

  1. These delightful toys remind me of some handmade toys I saw in a little grass-topped cottage in a living history museum in Sweden this summer. What treasures and heirlooms you are creating. Beth


  2. Beth … Thank you so much – it means a lot to me to hear! That sounds like it must have made a lovely trip to that far away cottage – what a great adventure to find those treasures. I do love making this wheeled creatures- there is something so joyful in it all! ~ Pamela


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