(at the workbench) – wandering little gnome

he was once a block of wood  … which makes sense … simple, earthy gnomes like nothing better than their woodland homes …

he started out on my workbench during December’s holiday rush … but he is not one to be hurried … a patient fellow … he was cut from lovely, native hardwoods that were his home …

he was shaped and carved and sanded smooth with care by hand

Polished smoothed and finished with a hand-rubbed natural finish.

He is what he should be … a little wooden gnome that loves to wander in the quiet places.

He at last made his way to my Prettydreamer late this January. You can find him here along with the carved woodland village that is in process.


4 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – wandering little gnome

  1. Hello Cyn … Thank you! … Oh, that is a such an important part of the fun of making something. The ideas and the process and having at the end something you had only imagined!


  2. Marie… thank you so much for visiting me here! It does make me so happy to grow in what I am able to do as an artist … there is always more to learn and more do!~Pamela


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