(at the workbench) – christmas eve pajamas

A snowy day and finally some quiet time to spend just with my girl and Christmas preparation. There is just time enough to start a new project.that has been dancing around me. Oh, I so love new projects! ….I have said it before, “I am not a sewer”.  But one day, I will not be able to make that claim anymore.  In the last couple of years,  I have been teaching myself to sew – mostly by need and by trial and error. Like many things, having an idea and desire are enough to make a leap into the unknown. Intuition has to stay near by to help me out most of the time.
So first came some curtains for dividers, small Waldorf-style dolls and felt animals, then gift bags for Prettydreamer , folk flowered pinwheels, crayon pouches for the third graders and now here I am now ready to make Christmas Eve pajamas!
* (by the way, the clamp in the picture was not used in this project)
I made up a pattern by tracing some pants that were on hand … guessing how much extra might be needed for the seams. After managing to sew one pant leg completely together, I decided that there was no reasonable way for  the pajamas to be put on that way and undid my work.  I then pinned and sewed back and front parts the way pants are supposed to be sewn together. I can not say how exciting it was that the pajamas worked! My girl (and one of her dolls) was able to actually put them on. She is so happy to wear them around – how wonderful! And just in the nick of time for Christmas eve.
The day after Christmas, I began the kimono tops  … I would have never have imagined how those pieces of fabric might need to be laid out  and sewn to actually make a top.  It has been a treat learning something new and making something useful for my daughter that she loves! Merry Christmas!!


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