(around the table) – marzipan pigs

I  know there must be a pretty long list of absolute likes and dislikes when it comes to food… the list might include mushrooms, olives, even cilantro, brussel sprouts and marzipan… (I happen to like all the above.)

Now when I think of marzipan, I am not thinking about those overly, sugary-sweet marzipan candies.. but lovely edibles handcrafted by Italian and German bakeries and confectioners made from a blend of ground almonds (and sugar!)

Marzipan is a tasty and wonderful modeling paste
used traditionally for special holiday treats at Christmas and Easter worldwide.
In the light of a happy tree with our little mascot looking on … we are at play and serious all at once. …Well not all pigs are like all other pigs .. but they are all fun and a yummy.


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