at the workbench: Summer’s End

A little look at the workbench this week …

no, it’s not Pumpkin pasturing on my bench, but Summer’s end with the cows in the meadow…

in fields full of black-eyed susans, goldenrod, clover, milkweed and Summer’s last flowers…

… time for honoring these gentle creatures with a garland of wild meadow flowers…

Folk-inspired bovine push/pull toys at Prettydreamer


8 thoughts on “at the workbench: Summer’s End

  1. I just love Cow's. I use to live in North Carolina and across the street they had cows. We would sit on the front porch and just watch them. It was so relaxing. I miss the cows.


  2. Forest-Dweller … I understand what you mean … there is something so steadying … watching as the cows spend their days in tranquil sunshine and clouds…thank you for visiting!~Pamela


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