(at play) – a dance In the rhubarb patch

It’s not only Timmy Willie who likes the shade of great big leaf.

"Timmy Willie longed to be at home in his peaceful nest in a sunny bank.
The food disagreed with him; the noise prevented him from sleeping. In a
few days he grew so thin that Johnny Town-mouse noticed it, and
questioned him. He listened to Timmy Willie's story and inquired about
the garden. "It sounds rather a dull place? What do you do when it

"When it rains, I sit in my little sandy burrow and shell corn and
seeds from my Autumn store. I peep out at the throstles and blackbirds
on the lawn, and my friend Cock Robin. And when the sun comes out again,
you should see my garden and the flowers--roses and pinks and
pansies--no noise except the birds and bees, and the lambs in the

                     The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse - by Beatrix Potter

It’s June for this country mouse and it’s time for strawberry-rhubarb crumble.


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