(at the workbench) – folk flowered pinwheels

Sometimes ideas are persistent – a bit like young children .

My new Folk Flowered Pinwheels and Summer Quilted Pinwheels just happened to be this way.

As much as I like visiting my local lumber mill or the hardware store, I do love a visit to the fabric store. Aisles and aisles of such pretty colors, prints and patterns – little by little, a beautiful yard or so of this or that fabric comes home with me. They sit neatly stacked –looking so inviting- and waiting for project of their very own.

I never took home economics in school. Sewing becomes a needed skill when an idea or project is in process. In the end a sewing machine might not be so different from a bandsaw!

I love that with simple materials, an enduring classic plaything can be remade. These pinwheels are eco-friendly, wind-powered, stitched and quilted, modern folk flowered, calico fabrics, fun.

Who doesn’t love seeing a twirling , spinning pinwheel on beautiful summery day.


5 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – folk flowered pinwheels

  1. I love your pinwheels!!!!!!! Bravo! I just discovered your blog because you sent me a word of encouragement on the natural kids chats at etsy. I love your blog and I have only read the first page so far! I can't wait to read more. Keep going!www.primroses.etsy.comwww.acornpies.blogspot.com


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