spring, fairytales and imagination

(NOTE: These pictures are from an ice storm of 2008 that placed our towns in a state of emergency for two weeks as we were held frozen in ice and time )

In some places SPRING has already arrived.
Here Spring remains a dream – a very far and distant memory. A time almost forgotten.

This Winter, just as Autumn was barely passing us by, a great ice storm arrived in the quietest hours of that early December night. Lying in bed, I could only imagine what was in that dark night as an enormous, thunderous noise filled all the space of night. The mighty, giant pines that circle the house, where splitting and falling nearby bedroom windows. I don’t think a parent slept that night considering what to do next..

The next morning was to discover the world we knew frozen in ice. In that ice was frozen the power that gave warmth, ran the pump for our water- even time stopped frozen as clocks turned black. Outside piled high on hard, frozen grass were enormous broken limbs of trees. A once leggy lilac hedge was doubled over with the weight of the ice. Not a corner was not encased in a frozen world of that storm.

In our frozen land, we were to live for nearly two weeks in nothing less then the Snow Queen’s realm (a wonderful Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale.) There is imagination in taking up a life of days gone by in a strange, seemingly unending, wintry world. To even deepen the mysterious a frozen world, those weeks lay squarely in the year’s darkest nights with the approaching of the Winter Solstice. Only days before Christmas eve and for some just Christmas day, that saw the electric lights rekindle their glow. And still more strange the furnace to warm the home and the slow return to modern life.

I sometimes find it hard to imagine Spring even in March, when Winter can only hold on another month or so. But somehow even in the everyday, there are fairytales to discover, imagined worlds to dream and stories to be lived.


One thought on “spring, fairytales and imagination

  1. Beautiful photos! We have a few spots in the yard that get sprayed with water from the water running down the mountain behind us and the coating of ice on the brush is so pretty 🙂 I can't imagine waking to a whole world of ice. That must have been amazing 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.


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