a little introduction to prettydreamer

Perhaps there’s still a part of you (that five year old or that eight year old child self) that managed to stay with you through all the years … well to me, that is the inspiration of Prettydreamer – that open-eyed, eager, curious, precious little being.

Toymaking is a way of giving life to the cherished plaything. Kind of an honorable old profession that brought with it a great excitement as birthdays and holidays do for children. Somehow, I hold an image of far away days of workshops and kitchen tables in many close and distant lands where love and imagination crafted and shaped a wonderful plaything. I remember a a special little red and spotted-white strawberry spinning top I had… though a little thing, I thought it might be one of the neatest things I ever saw and missed it when it went lost.

Now taking this a step further, to take a thought or idea (and all it’s little nuances) and with hand, tools, materials, color and intuition to form something you can touch -especially something with its own life such as wood and fiber – wow!

For me, whether making a toy for a child (or the child in us) or something for all that just captures the heart, that is the desire of Prettydreamer!

Thank you for visiting!


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